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The phone company is Mfg Servicesnm . The last time the phone number was used, it was in the city of Las Cruces, NM . Searches done for your inquiry, informs us that the owner is using a Unknown . The country of us is the place of opening of the telephone line . The last area code for the city of the number is the number: 575. Our database tells us that the average salary for the city where the owner of the phone number is is 40658 . The last surveys of inhabitants, indicates us that the population of the region rises to 101643 inhabitants,. The information given by the latest geographical survey gives a terrestrial surface of 199270393 m2. There is in the area of the owner of the telephone number, a water area of 250842 m2. The region has many zip code, our database gives you the list: 88001, 88003, 88004, 88005, 88006, 88007, 88011, 88012, 88013

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