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Our database shows that the phone number you are looking for is one of the telephone numbers of Carolina Tel And Tel Co. DBA Centurylink. . The last coordinates of the owner places it in the city of Garland, NC. The latest comments and testimonial on the number indicates that the number uses a line Landline . Our database tells us that the GPS coordinates of the phone number are in the country of: us . The area code for the number searched for is the number: 910. 24000 is the median income of the land area of the desired phone . The geographic data for the region of unknown number indicates that there are: 632 inhabitants,. The owner of the phone number resides in an extensive land area on: 2787181 m2. The research tells us that the water zone of the city is 16654 m2. The comments of the residents of this region, gives us the different ZIP code of the area: 28441

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